The latest update for the Elden Ring includes ray tracing

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A new update for Elden Ring has added ray tracing capabilities to the game, in addition to making some changes to the game's balance and fixing some bugs

A new update for Elden Ring has added ray tracing capabilities to the game, in addition to making some changes to the game's balance and fixing some bugs. Over 20 million copies of Elden Ring were sold in the first year of the game's release, making it an enormous commercial success for the developer FromSoftware. Elden Ring has received a large number of updates from its development team since its initial release in February 2022. These updates add new features, fix bugs, and make adjustments to the game's balance. During this time period, a number of Elden Ring weapons, as well as a good number of its bosses, have been subjected to nerfing and buffing, respectively. Now, Bandai Namco Entertainment has provided specifics about the content that will be included in patch 1.09 of the game, confirming that Elden Ring will receive a new component. According to the information that was provided in the patch notes, update 1.09 for Elden Ring is now available on all platforms. This update brings ray tracing capabilities to the PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X versions of the game. Although ray tracing has been hailed as a key differentiating feature of current-generation consoles and PC hardware, the process can be very taxing on the system.
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When experimenting with ray tracing, the game's frame rate and resolution may be negatively affected, as stated in the patch notes. In the following section, we will discuss upcoming changes to PvP in Elden Ring, including the weakening of certain aspects of the mode in an effort to make it more evenly balanced overall. Players should be aware that this update only affects PvP and has no other bearing on Elden Ring's gameplay in any way, despite the fact that the effectiveness of a great deal of attacks has been reduced as a result of the update. Other broad adjustments have also been made by this update, including the introduction of an invulnerability period for players after they respawn in the colosseum and a reduction in the size of the hitbox that is triggered by certain classes of weapons. It also makes changes to the various Ashes of War that are available in Elden Ring. The attack generation speed of many of these Ashes of War has been increased as a result of these changes. In the final section, we will discuss the issues that were resolved in Elden Ring update 1.

09, along with a brief discussion of the hardware requirements for ray tracing gameplay. Fans will need at the very least a GeForce RTX 3060 Ti or a Radeon RX 6700 XT to play Elden Ring with ray tracing, even if they play the game at 1080p and with the settings turned down. Gamers will need to upgrade to a GeForce RTX 3070 Ti or Radeon RX 6900 XT graphics card in order to play games with high settings and a high level of ray tracing. In general, this Elden Ring update brings a significant graphical addition to the game, in addition to further enhancing the game's overall balance. The following is a list of the patch notes for the Elden Ring update version 1.09:Added functionalityThe PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC versions have all been updated to include support for ray tracing. Ray Tracing is an option that can be selected from the Settings menu:Game Options Ray Tracing on the PS5 and XSX. Graphics Settings Ray Tracing Quality on the PC. It is important to keep in mind that turning on Ray Tracing may cause performance issues, which could affect things like frame rate and resolution.

At the very end of the patch notes, you'll find both the required and recommended technical specifications needed to use the Ray Tracing feature. PvP-exclusive balance adjustmentsThere will be no impact on single-player or cooperative gameplay from the changes made in this section.

The power of the incantation for the Inescapable Frenzy, as well as the grab angle, have both been increased. The power of the Lifesteal Fist skill, as well as its range and grab angle, have all been improved. There has been a reduction in the power of two-handed jumping attacks. The power of heavy attacks, including heavy running attacks, has been reduced for the Fist and Claw weapon types. The power of the spell "Founding Rain of Stars" has been decreased. Reduced the effect that the Terra Magica spell had on increasing the power of other spells. When hitting an opponent over a certain distance with the Wave of Gold skill, both the damage and the poise damage it deals have been reduced. Reduced the effectiveness of the skills "Determination" and "Royal Knights Resolve."Reduced the impact of the Jellyfish Shield's Contagious Fury ability's effects. The power of the Claw Talisman was diminished as a result. Reduced the efficacy of the Exultation Talisman that was wielded by the Lord of Blood. Reduced the bonus attack power that the White Mask head armor provides to the player. The Raptor's Black Feathers armor now provides a smaller damage bonus to jumping attacks than it did previously.

When used in conjunction with the Flask of Wondrous Physick, the Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear, Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear, Lightning-Shrouding Cracked Tear, and Holy-Shrouding Cracked Tear buffs that increase damage have had their effectiveness reduced. General balance adjustmentsWhen you respawn in the Colosseum, you will now have a window of invincibility. When certain Ashes of War are infused into weapons, the scaling of the following characteristics has been increased:Lightning, magic, flame art, sacredness, and lightning all come to mind.

The following types of weapons have had the scaling of their attributes increased:Great Axe, Colossal Sword, Hammer, Flail, and Great Hammer are all examples of Colossal Weapons.


Enhanced the speed, range, and recovery time of certain attacks for the following types of weapons:Hammer of Great Size, Axe of Great Size, Sword of Great Size, and Curved Greatsword


  • Alterations to Flail Weapons:The speed of certain attacks has been sped up

  • Time spent recovering from attacks is cut down

  • Improved composure when engaging in combat with two hands

Increased running attack speed and reduced time needed to recover from attacks for the following weapon types: straight sword, curved sword, katana, twinblade sword, axe, hammer, and Halberd.

The following types of weapons have had the speed of their first attack increased:Sword with a Straight Edge, Sword with a Curve, and Whip

Improved the speed at which guard counters are generated for the following types of weapons:Straight Sword / Great Sword / Colossal Sword / Great Curved Sword / Katana / Twinblade Sword / Axe / Great Axe / Flail / Great Hammer / Spear / Great Spear / Halberd Straight Sword / Great Sword / Colossal Sword / Great Curved Sword Straight Sword / Great Sword / Colossal Sword / Great Cur

Reduced the amount of time it takes for Whip weapons to recover from an attack. Damage done by claw weapons has been increased. The Great Club now scales based on Faith in addition to its Holy damage. Increased damage reduction when blocking damage caused by the Holy affinity, and a reduction in damage reduction when blocking damage caused by other affinities. The efficiency of the Twinblade Talisman was significantly improved. Rolling travel distance has been shortened very slightly for lighter pieces of equipment. Reduced the size of the hitbox for certain attacks used with the following types of weapons:Swords that thrust, heavy swords that thrust, spears, great spears, and halberds are all examples.